Education Directorate cracks down on Private Tuition

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18 Jun, 18 11:38
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Directorate of Education has come down heavy on teachers taking private tuition away from school. All teachers plying tuition centers away from school will need to take permission from their principal institution. If the employer declines the application, the teacher cannot run tuition classes.
Citing that tuition were an unwarranted phenomenon, the Director of Secondary Education said that teachers should take remedial classes in school instead of tuition, so that the childs’ virtues and merits improve.
If it is found that the teacher is only focusing on tuition, and the quality of pedagogy in school is deteriorating, then the Directorate will dismiss the permission accorded by the principal institution and take appropriate action against the teacher. A formal application format requesting for conducting tuition has also been provided by the Directorate of Secondary Education.
Directives are as follows: Many teachers do not fulfill their duties diligently since they are also giving private tuition. This causes deterioration in the quality and discipline for the student. Director NathmalDidel has issued strict instructions that the Principal of the school will monitor the performance of each teacher on an yearly basis. Mandatory emphasis has also to be given to completion of course material within the given stipulated time.
Children with poor grasping qualities need to be taken through remedial classes in school itself. Classes need to be taken as per the approved Time Table. Results of the interim and quarterly and half yearly examinations need to be made available immediately.
There is a tendency for tuitions in subjects like Accounts, Math, Sciences and English in both higher secondary and senior secondary classes. If the teacher meets the student and parents on a regular basis, this additional burden on the student can be avoided. Teachers also need to submit a regular report on the completion status of the course material
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