Common Sense is not that common!

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10 Apr, 19 05:28
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Did you get it?

Common Sense is not that common!

Absolutely. But then as per the new trend, you are supposed to act dumb and agree with the stupid interpretations of statements, facts, and everything else you hear. From social media to news channels to instant messaging platforms, the trend of deliberately putting things in a wrong way is so common these days that you might even start believing those edited and half cooked stories. Taking the example forward, you shoot a video of some vegetable being cooked. And you cut the shooting somewhere in the middle and then release it as if the chef was careless. We all know deep down that the video was incomplete, and we also know that the cook’s intentions were not to support the consumption of half-cooked stuff. But still, we follow the trend and censure the chef as hard as we can.

The hate posts and morphed videos travel with the speed of light and reach the masses pretty fast. But the world we are creating with this kind of atmosphere will not remain suitable for life. And since the trend of using negative publicity as a tool is aimed at popularizing people more than thoughts and work, it goes a long way down to the masses.

The onus of constructing a world of trust and compassion is on us, the people. Each one of us is a wheel of a larger vehicle that is carrying the country forward on the path of development. People have to take a call and choose the vehicle that is fueled by positive news. If you see the way in not right, you mist decide to pull yourself off the vehicle and join the one which is positive, upbeat, and correct to say the least.

So before forwarding a video or message, which you know is edited and makes no sense, stop it right at your device. Unless we take a call against all kind of stupidity, it will keep spreading and soon we will have a brain without any sense in it.

The problem why this happens is that the doctored and tempered content goes viral pretty fast. It was a tool to express sarcasm but now it appears to be a serious threat to all the sense. People cut parts of one’s speech, jumble it up, and upload on media. Before the person can see and correct it, it becomes a reality. As a matter of fact, only the issue becomes a viral material. Anything that is released to correct it does not make sense to the logic of virality. So, you will only remember a celebrity or the targeted person with that iconoclast image. Even if they are proved innocent soon, you will not know that because the propaganda to malign someone’s image is spread like fire, the truth only crawls.

Those who share such morphed videos trust that the readers will buy these thoughts. And guess what, they are right in many a time! Time to tell them that no more stupidity is accepted. 

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