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20 Feb, 19 09:58
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The moment you think of Valentine’s day, a picture of a young couple with some roses flashes across your mind. And that’s not wrong at all. But that’s not the complete side of the story. Love being an emotion as pervasive as life, needs to be taken out of the shackles of orthodox pictures and ideas painted by movie makers. Love is all about caring for the person you think you love. Love is directly proportional to care you are willing to offer without an expectation of any kind of returns. When you want someone to love you back when you love them, you want to enter a deal where you will love if you are loved. This flawed dentition of love was derived by business minded people. And when it comes to love, you do not need to use any brain because love is a function of the heart. The heart is that part of your personality where you are driven by emotions and not logic. Love needs no logic, and still every time you love someone (selflessly of course), you do everything right.

Now if your love is selfless, you cannot go wrong. If the girl you love cannot love you back, your love will not reduce for her. In fact, your love will allow her to be in a situation with people whom she loves actually-even if the other person is another boy with whom she wants to get settled.

On the same note, if your parents are not agreeing for the marriage, you will not think of eloping. If you really love, someone, you cannot ditch others who love you. So, love is omnidirectional. It cannot be limited to or confined with one person. Love means giving yourself selflessly to keep all the people you love, happy.

This Valentine’s Day, make a resolution to start loving selflessly. You can begin with your parents and then expand it to your family and friends too. When you are honest in your love and relationships, true and good things happen to you. The love is not just an emotion that would perish after a moment; rather, it stays there forever. The love that you bestowed upon someone who failed to acknowledge your love, will come back to you in some form or other. And like the basic rule of Karma, the love that comes back to you in always manifold bigger than what you had given at some point of time.


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