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27 Dec, 18 08:23
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So, the congress party that was totally marginalized in the 2014 elections has sprung back from nowhere. There are multiple reasons, and most are valid but the most important is that the vote was against the BJP-led governance. This is true for every election. The 2014 vote that went in favor of BJP was also against the congress-led UPA.
However, for congress, these elections have come up as a panacea, for BJP, it is a warning bell that they cannot mark congress out of the game as they had thought earlier. Once again, and quite fairly, we will have balanced elections where both the main parties and others will not think to take their voters for granted. And that’s totally in favor of the voter in the end.
Expert analysis across the media believes the vote that favored congress was only against the BJP. Congress of course could have done much better than just touching the finish line. Except Chhattisgarh, which turned out to be exceptional. Congress is marginally ahead of BJP in Madhya Pradesh and in Rajasthan too, the party is just at the majority mark. However, the anti-BJP MLAs from the other parties will ensure that Congress completes its tenure, so the states are in pocket of Congress for the next five years.
For BJP, its high time to pull up socks and advertise their achievements in more positive manner. Parties spend a huge amount of energy in exposing or criticizing the opposition which does not help these days. People switch on televisions to listen to version of the party from its spokesperson. And when they find out that the spoken person of Party A is only talking about the Party B, they get it well that the spokesperson does not have much to talk about their own party.
Development, once again has got the much needed centerstage. So, positive talks, healthy debates, and talking about the achievements or roadmap of future is what the people want to hear. And now since the message is clear, we can hope to have less noise and more sense prevailing across the political discourse.
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