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11 Dec, 18 07:47
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So all the noise and rush is now over. Its high time to relax and unwind. And when you are already in the paradise of lakes, you can only think of spending some quality time with your loved ones. Over the last few months, there has been a deafening noise about political scenarios across the city and state. Almost everyone was involved. We know who supports who and who’s winning this time. But both win or defeat are temporary. Literally.
If you have supported a winner party, you can do a chest-thumping, and if you have lost it, you can cry in the washroom. But wait. Do we really need to get entangled in this political game of thrones? Not really. You need to get back to your loved ones with whom you were at a distance due to political and ideological differences. Your loved ones will always be there. There is no limit of five years or a term.
Supporting one party is good but hating the other makes you culprit. There are multiple ideologies and none of them is totally correct. Likewise, none of them is totally wrong. All you need to understand is that the difference of opinion cannot be allowed to escalate to acrimony.
The social fabric of the country is all about respecting the other thread while your part of the thread which is held by someone else. We all are connected since time immemorial.
This silence of a few days before the politics again takes over everything else, let's sit back and enjoy some light moments with friends.
Actually, this must begin from the leaders’ level where each leader should sit with the rival leader and share some light moments. During the campaigns, people do a lot of mudslingings, which is a sad part of today’s politics but once the elections are over, the same leaders should be sorry about their words and agree to contribute positively towards developing the nation.
The political rivalry creates enemies while we need opponents. The ones in power are answerable to the public. And the public involves everyone including the opposition party people. Simply ridiculing any concern of a rival party’s member on the pretext of political difference is the apparent violation of basic rules of democracy. While leaders may not like the idea, you as an avid supporter of your party can start this. Enjoy some time with the opponent party’s friends. We are one, and we must be one, before and after the game.
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