The interesting case of Rajasthan

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26 Nov, 18 11:11
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The time once again has come where an otherwise quiet and calm state of Rajasthan will be in the news. The state is going to choose its representatives who will take the state forward. After the wave of Prime Minister NarendraModi in 2013-14, the marginalized Congress party was being considered as a group that could only loose further. However, Congress always had a chance because no other party in the state could replace BJP if needed. Moreover, today, after these years of BJP’s rule in the state, the Congress party is again being considered not just opposition, but some opinion polls are also predicting its win.
Well, that remains with the voters to decide. However, one thing is sure that every loss of BJP is the gain of Congress. Being a party deep-rooted in the largest state of India, Congress has its local support and that matters. Congress at the national level might still struggle to make a mark, but at the state level, the dynamics are totally different. The voters are aware and choose carefully. We have seen the BJP’s wave was stopped in Punjab and Delhi by regional factors.
Since the state has been doing well and there has been peace on all the fronts, the present government has done a decent job. However, the same was true for the last Congress government too. The history of alternate rule by these two parties may get repeated, but then BJP has the star power of Modi which is powerfully effective, if not invincible today.
The good part for the people is that both the parties are talking about the development and that’s what we all need. People of the state are becoming more interested in things done, and things promised. Moreover, the candidates know this well.
There has been a pattern of change of government since 1993 in Rajasthan. This fact excites Congress which is looking to retain its relevance in the national politics and the way to national platform comes from the states. Therefore, all their hopes are on Rajasthan. There are other states too going for elections, but Rajasthan is an excellent chance for Congress for sure.
As far as BJP is concerned, apart from the fact that they have a stable government in the center, they also have the seat retention factor in their favor. If you look at the statistics of seat retention for a party between 1993 and 2003, BJP has the edge over Congress. While the BJP has been able to retain is seats more, Congress has been on the declining side. Moreover, since opinion polls are not ruling out BJP outright, all they need is that little push to get across the magic number.
The outcome of the election is still not predictable clearly as no opinion poll is giving the edge to one party over the other. There are plenty of ways the election might end up as the new generation of voters is much aware and not afraid to ask questions.
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