Move on!

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08 Nov, 18 05:29
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What I have observed with so many people is that they get disturbed easily. It takes a small comment or remark that leaves people in unrest. The person who gave you the unrest moves on and so should you but you don't. And that's the reason we remain unhappy most of the times.
Why should I move on when the matter hasn't settled yet? is the question your brain would pop as soon as you try and appease yourself. But then you should seek inspiration. And to look for the inspiration, you do not need to look outside or inside. All you need to realize is that the clock is ticking. The time has moved on. An instance happened in office took place at 11:35 a.m. today and its already 4:29 p.m.
You will get your answer easily. You will know what paradigm the God has designed the world with. It keeps on moving. Things are bound to happen so they do. And time is bound to move on after the instance is over, so should you.
But its not just that you move on without any takeaway. With any instance you get a lesson to learn. So pickup the lesson and dump all the silly words, stupid gestures, and fake attitudes. Simply throw all the packaging outside the window of your moving Time Car. Pickup the food it had. Eat well and move on!
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