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30 Oct, 18 09:22
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The #MeToo movement is no more a secret now. With its popularity, a new platform has emerged for all the people who were ever assaulted by anyone in the past. Many people argue that why now? They have a set of commonly asked questions wrapped in allegations of these people who are voicing their agony now.
But these are totally useless questions now. The people who have the courage to come forward and raise a voice against any abuse need to be supported. You cannot see the timing of the report when judging the criminal. Crimes are generally disclosed many days after they are committed. So the question of timing is nothing short of nonsense.
Now, the main question arise that will the abusers be booked now or will the victims get justice. Now, here the matter of time plays role as it will be very difficult to check the veracity of these allegations. So, what sense does it make now? Is it just a sensationalism or it has any meat? Actually it helps the victim live in peace after voicing out.
The pain of being assaulted etches such a bad smear on the soul of a victim which keeps them in a pain forever. If there is a way today where a person can speak up with all the audacity against people who are in powerful position, it definitely makes the life lighter for these people. And the culprits on the other hand get a gentle reminder that they will not be able to get away having committed such heinous crimes.
In any case, the courage wins and the cowardice loses. Even though the culprit might get away with ease but their cowardice will keep pinching them time and again. The only way to peace is speaking out the truth. The nature is so strong in this matter that every single crime is recorded against the name of the person who did it. The victim might feel oppressed for some time but in the end they stand vindicated.
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