The Election Time

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23 Oct, 18 09:04
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The long-awaited dates of assembly elections have been announced in Rajasthan a four others states namely Madhya Pradesh, Mizoram, Telangana, and Chhatishgarh. And the media has got material for the next few weeks. The opinion polls and surveys, promises-verification, and political equations all will be expounded carefully. And you are expected to believe the same and take your voting decision accordingly. This has been a trend always. Nowadays media news channels have to take the responsibility to analyze on your behalf. Of course, they have experts with them besides having a highly influential platform. Amid all this, you are nowhere.
As a common man of the country who technically should be at the helm of the process is only a resource required to cast a vote in favor of a party on the given day. The imbroglio of today’s situation is not contrived deliberately but has become a norm gradually. Democracy allows you to take one decision to vote and the government takes the rest of the decisions. You do not have further say. This is the system, and it cannot be changed overnight. But, the one decision you make is your real power. Because the story starts rolling from there only. Needless to say, vote carefully.
People generally have their favorites everywhere from movie actors to singers to politicians. And when the so-called fan is required to take a neutral decision, their favoritism plays on their minds, and they end up favoring their already favorites--this gives these players an immunity. They focus more on keeping their fans happy rather than focusing on what’s right to be done in their capacity.
You just need to ask yourself if the representative you have decided to vote is a good person or not. You need to look around and take note of what has been done so far. Also, notice the promises the opponent parties are there with. Do you really think they will be a viable option or their poll promises are just limited to the polling day?
Remember, your decision not only affects you or the country at the moment, but it will also put an impact on the future of your children. You need cheaper education, good health services, and good economy to do good in the future.
Take a fair decision in favor of your country and children’s future. You do not need to listen to anyone as what’s been done is visible, what’s been said is fathomable, and what’s there in the future is predictable. Do ensure you and your family cast their votes. And keep your decision limited to you. There is no need to convince someone as everyone who is eligible to vote knows the power of good governance. Discussing political scenarios at home or in groups will only add to acrimony in your friends and family. In all cases, you need your friends and family to be with you. Stay loyal to your future as acrimony leads to nowhere.
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