Play Down the Hate Politics

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15 Sep, 18 09:23
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Next few months belong to elections in India. Starting in a few weeks, four states including Rajasthan will enter into assembly elections. And we have general elections coming up next year. All this while, the news channels will air programs of analysis and will try to convince you their thoughts. The same will happen across social media. More than these news channels, the social media could be dangerous for your independent thought process. If you read all the good about an underperformer representative, at some point or other, you will start believing and this will surely affect the election of a potentially better candidate. Similarly, if hate is spread for a n honest representative all day and night, it could make you feel the same for the representative.
All these sources of information, unfortunately, have become devices that emit more lies and misinformation than the real facts. News and their anchors have decided to control the way you think. No matter this influence is good or bad in content, but it is very dangerous for your own ability to think fairly.
We have elections so that we can choose a candidate whom we find better than the others. Now, if you are constantly being fed all the bad about a right candidate, you could get influenced. And most people get lost into these false positives.
But, dealing with these hate messages and false publicity is hard to avoid. When every morning you open your smartphone and plenty of hate messages flood up, you cannot refrain from thinking the way these hate mongers wants you to.
While the truth being that you cannot avoid any such communiqué, you can learn to filter hate message from information.
The real party supporter, for example, will focus on promoting what good his party has done rather than demeaning the others or opponents. So, when you see a post that censures the others, it means it can be avoided.
Similarly, if on a thread by a representative, you see replies that do not talk about the subject, it can be avoided.
The fact remains simple. You only demean the others when you have nothing good for your people or to whom you support. The energy people waste in criticizing others if is used to promote their own people, it could bring a positive change. The political campaign is all about why not vote the others, which is a negative approach. This approach also tells you that either the person is a failure or has nothing substantial to offer. The approach to ask votes against the things done by the people in power or projecting a blueprint of development for the future, marks a positive approach. It communicates a positive message among masses.
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