Remembering the Poet Politician

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29 Aug, 18 07:11
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After a long time, India mourned for a political figure that belonged to a particular party. It was August 16 of the year 2018 when former Prime Minister Bharat Ratna and Padma VibhushanShriAtalBihari Vajpayee passed away after being in the hospital for more than two months.
So the question arises that why he was so popular among the masses? Why was he able to win the hearts of people across the country and even abroad? And why despite being a political figure, he never had any opponent in any form?
The answer has many aspects. Mr. Vajpayee was a leader of masses. Whether he was in opposition or in power, his connect with the last person in the system never broke. His oratory skills were second to none, and this is why even when in opposition he used to talk, people used to listen to him. It was not just respected that people had for a popular leader, but it was their love for him.
A poet by nature and a fighter by attitude, Mr. Vajpayee had a rare combination of softness and practicality that a mass leader must have. He was the ideal mass leader who was kind hearted to empathize with the last man in the social and economic system. And the other facet of his personality was being dominant. He wanted India to grow and become a developed nation faster. This is why he worked for nuclear tests in Pokharan of Rajasthan. He was an ambassador of peace but wanted to convey to the world that this act of peace is a philosophy and principle of India and not the weakness.
The world has had a very few such tall leaders who could manage to win the hearts of people by their work and attitude. Today’s politics is all about hate and criticism at any cost, and this is why we no more hope for another Vajpayee in the future.
The humbleness of Vajpayee can be gauged by a simple fact that in his decades of active politics, he more than often had a seat of opposition to assume; still, you cannot find a single instance where he played politics for the power. He played the game with rules and took wins and losses with the same perspective of fairness. Such greatness is so elusive today.
If Mr. Vajpayee had been in the active politics of today, he would have taught the generation to spread positivity using the social media correctly. Today, social media, which is such a powerful medium of connecting with masses is sadly used mostly for self-glorification and spreading lies and hates more than anything.
A poet politician will always be rare in the country. A poet by nature is introvert and cannot tackle the political tactics. And if a poet learns to address politics, they lose the charm and innocence of poetry. Mr. Vajpayee remained a soft poet throughout his life and still did not lose his position. In the world full of real politicians, he managed to become the first non-congress Indian prime minister to complete a term.
His life teaches us a lot. We need to keep the softness inside and be a staunch opponent outside.
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