Kerala faces worst calamity in 100 years

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25 Aug, 18 09:13
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Kerala witnessed the worst calamity in August as heavy rains broke the record of last more than hundred years. Millions of people had to be shifted to safer places while thousands were stranded in places which could not be reached. Efforts to restore essential services is going on parallel with relief and rescue in Kerala, where at least a thousand people are still stranded at five villages around Chengannur - a town in Alappuzha. Phone connectivity has been restored in 90 per cent of the state and there is enough fuel and animal fodder, the authorities said after a meeting. With floodwater receding in some areas, lack of clean drinking water and diseases due to mosquito infestation, especially in Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram, have become a big concern. The Union home ministry has declared the flood a "calamity of severe nature".
The government of India reluctantly announced a relief package of about Rs. 500 crore to Kerala. Other states also made announcements of nearly hundred crores.
But the truth is that people have lost their kith and Kin. They need to be rescued and placed at safer places. More than ten lakh people have been evacuated and are staying in shelters. Thousands of houses are damaged and people are spending nights in open.
They need clean drinking water, cloths, medicine and food. The people from Gulf, several states of India and even from Udaipur have started sending relief to the people of Kerala. JanvaadiMahilaSamiti has started collecting donations to be sent to the Chief Minister Relief Fund of Kerala. On Monday Red Cross, Udaipur announced that they would be sending five lakh rupees to Kerala .
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