Smart Citizens of the Smart City

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07 Jul, 18 11:32
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Recently the home minister of state shared a list of development tasks that have either changed or are changing the city. From a tourist city to a smart one, the city of lakes has ameliorated a lot in the past decade or so. And improvements regardinginfrastructure and facilities are visible. We have a town which is blessed with natural beauty and rich heritage. We have something that other cities can never have. Now what the other cities have is what we can achieve easily. Be it infrastructure, state of the art facilities, and world-class standards.
All this is being done by the government already. Now what’s left is the most crucial element to be a world-class smart city. And that is the attitude. If you are sitting in a high-end car, but you do not dress up accordingly, you fail to match. People would get a feeling that the car belongs to someone else.
What you need to learn is the attitude of being a smart citizen. A few days back a president of a country was seen cleaning the coffee he spilled on the floor of a metro station. The people around were happy but not surprised. This is the level of inclusiveness and ownership that differentiates a citizen from a smart citizen.
You do not need to clean the dirt spread by others but you must take pride in throwing your trash into a bin nearby. If there is no bin around, arrange to carry the wrapper or peel of banana or leftover of the corn. And ensure that you flaunt this act proudly.
This act shows that you are learned and sensible citizen. Other developed countries or cities are not smart because they have infrastructure or money, but because they have smart citizens. They own their town and this is why they take care of everything. We pay a lot of tax for the development of the places. When you are spending that much honestly and not owing the stuff bought or created with that money, it makes little sense.
Whether you are using public property or a personal one, whether you are walking in your home’s garden or GulabBagh, you must feel the accountability, and that can only come if you own it.
We cannot do all the things ourselves. And this is why we elect a government. The government then appoints more employees for different works. Ultimately, we are making things, and we should own what we have made. It’s not that you pay for a service to your car vendor, you do not take care of it. Your car belongs to you and not the guys who service it. Similarly, your city is your property. Keep it smart and stay proud.
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