Happy Monsoon

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18 Jun, 18 11:16
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The rain is round the corner and so is the long awaited hope to get respite from the scorching heat. Rain should be one of the most beautiful seasons of the year, but due to some ill-arrangement and mistakes, it becomes unbearable. Water-logged roads, accidents, and ailments make the fantastic season a curse for many.
There are many reasons for the mess that is beyond your control as for why some houses are constructed in the riverbeds or why roads are not repaired ahead of rains and so on. But then, there are many things that we as a citizen can control and improve to make our neighborhood immune to any mess in the rains.
Charity begins at home, and this is why check all the outlets of your balcony and roof to ensure that waterlogging does not take place in your house. We do not care enough but at times the water collected in an old cold drink can lying in the corner of the roof can create a colony of insects and mosquitos.
Now since we know that there are multiple kinds of insects that germinate in the clean water, you need to ascertain that the water of the cooler is emptied once a week. Similarly, there are many dense shrubs in the garden where water gets logged and creates mosquitoes. We believe that the water will be soaked by the soil, but a saturated part of soil keeps the water where it is.
Stepping out of the house, you can check if the primary water outlet is free of any obstruction, at least the part that covers your house wall. To prepare for the rains, you can install a net so that the water can flow freely and the solid waste gets collected on the net. Later that waste can be removed to restore the full flow of the water. If installing a net is a task, a stone of apt size will also do.
True, that this the task we pay taxes for but when we fall ill due to the collected water, we have to pay extra bucks to the doctor. You can consider that you are saving on medical bills by keeping your surroundings clean and hygienic.
If you have a bore well setup on your premises, you must also ensure that the water harvesting system is all functional and its pipes are connected and are leak-proof. Of course, if you do not have a water harvesting set up already, you must get one immediately. This has nothing to do with any return to charity, but you will be saving water for your children and grandchildren.
All these small efforts from your side will not only keep you satisfied, but it will perhaps also inspire the others. You do not need media campaign or any hashtag for this, just do it and inspire.
And please do not forget to store enough gram floor, edible oil, and vegetables like potato, onion, chili, cauliflower, and others that you love to be in your Pakoras. Happy Monsoon.
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