The scathing personal attacks

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06 Jun, 18 09:40
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The Satellite news channels are generally abuzz with scornful personal attacks from one person to another. More often than not, these attacks are launched and hurled by political leaders. The purpose remains to demean the receiver. In response, the other party also reminds the abuser about their past or present deeds, and the mud sledging remains in the news until a fresh, such attack is reported. The sole purpose of such useless acts is to stay in the prime time. One party endorses and the other party denies the allegations.
Media blindly follows such news items and calls it breaking news. Some smart anchors, who are more analysts than news readers, carry out a detailed post mortem and explain their viewers the reasoning, psychology, and future actions. Supporters and adversaries endorse or oppose these statements respectively. Channels organize a verbal fight which leaves the audience dumbstruck if not irritated. Such statements by the leaders while is the spoiled face of politics, coverage, on the other hand, is the face of strayed media. Perhaps this is why after staying glued to the television for a few years, people are returning to the newspapers for authentic news. Newspapers even today serve the news and trust the wisdom of the reader to find a meaning of the news. The development news still finds the front page in a newspaper.The most important aspect of such futile statements is just that they have nothing to talk about their side. If you have done your homework, your interest would be in getting good grades and not working hard to get others’ grades down. This is a natural phenomenon. And now is the time to realize the difference between hard workers and backbenchers.The general thought process is “what I can do as a lone voter?”. In this case, you have to do nothing literally. Learn to ignore such news and do not repost or re-tweet any rhetoric or hate speech against anyone. Choose people who can ask for your vote on their achievements.Leaders’ get their power from supporters. There’s nothing wrong with being a supporter,but you must ensure that your leaders represent you rather than dominating or ruling. Ask them the right questions and make them accountable for developments and promises they scripted in the manifestos. If you fall in love with your leaders, you start hiding their shortcomings which screw up the future of your kids. A flyover constructed in a hurry to encash votes may last a generation but might hurt your kids in the future. If you are there on the social media, behave like a responsible owner of the country and at least stop a hate message or false claim at your end. Let’s ensure that we are at least not a part of hate or false politics.
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