The change has begun

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14 Mar, 18 12:42
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Many of the recent political changes have signified that no party can rule permanently. The fortresses, which many political parties had rules for years and even decades, have been reduced to ashes. This spells the power of people in a democracy. It also signifies that people want nothing but work and results. And the sooner political leaders understand this, the better.

Almost certain of winning in Delhi assembly polls in 2015, BJP lost it totally. And after having a thumping majority in the legislative assembly, AAP failed to perform in Municipal Council of Delhi’s elections. Left, recently saw its forte being busted by BJP. The list is getting longer and now, finally, the political parties are feeling the heat.

Rhetoric and politics and caste are fast disappearings from the speeches of leaders. Now they are forced to talk what they did in their last tenure instead of presenting old unfulfilled promises in new packages.

This is just the beginning of a new era where political parties and their leaders will have low significance and the people will matter the most. For each of the actions taken by the government, a convincing answer will be needed with proper explanation. Perform or perish is now the new norm and people sitting in higher positions need to realize this.

Be it tweets or media posts, people have started to ignore the hate speeches. Questions are being asked which are straight and sharp. When a leader aims his rival over an issue, people first ask if the man who is asking has done any better.

Allegations now cannot be pure rhetoric. People won’t even listen if the abuse hurled at someone is toothless. When a leader comes with allegations, people cross check facts. The world of information is wide and open. Baseless allegations and abuse do a boomerang and it affects the credibility the worst.

This changed phenomenon of being informed and acting smart has cleaned up a lot of mud that always existed in the politics. We have seen pretty low in politics and now it’s the time to rise.

All these changes, which are still not-so-apparent, are set to become the order of the day. Each of the act, decision, non-action, delay, rhetoric etc must accompany with a credible explanation. You cannot take the public for granted anymore. You dodge their queries, they dump you forever.

The momentum is picking up. The need is to keep it strong and ensure, we as public keep the power in our hands and monitor each and everything, which is being done. From the quality of the material being used to services in offices, keep examining each of the functions. This is our country and we must own it positively with all the responsibility.

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