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08 Mar, 18 12:55
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Sridevi’s sudden demise has left us shocked. We will need years to accept that we will no more see her around us in our films in which she could infuse a childlike innocence. We not just have lost an actor but are now deprived of real acting that she gave us in her 300 films. The ease with which she could adapt to a role and give more than 100 percent was just incredible. No other actor could reach close to her hitherto. She lived an exemplary life, which will inspire us for generations. From her commitment to work to love for the family, she was fair and balanced in all her roles in reel as well as real life.
Now, the legacy that Sridevi has left for all of us is not just amazing cinema but also the life one should live. She taught us the way we should design our path and make decisions that allow us to remain what we are despite playing different roles at different places in life. If you are ever asked how you would remember Sridevi, you will only be able to recall her childlike and frolic image. An image that makes you feel light, easy, and tension-free. An image that lets you keep all your worries aside and live the moment. That is her legacy, which people won’t understand if they see her with the angle of media or articles. To feel the magic of her personality, you need to see it yourself and you will find the way you would want the world to remember you after your life.
From Sadma to Mr. India to Ladla, you will notice that in each of her movies, Sridevi portrayed a character with her childlike innocence. Even in Ladla where she was a stubborn, fastidious, and angry boss, she showed her innocence well. An angry child does not need to worry about many things all they want is what they want.
We all need to see if that child in us is still there or not. Its okay to be serious but you need to check if you are losing a precious moment of laughter in lieu of a sad moment. Let that child live in you. Let the world know you by your liveliness and stupidity. Yes, being stupid is okay and is cool actually. People, who say that in the young age you are not allowed to relax, shut their mouth and chill. Eat, play, and do all the stupid things you did in the childhood.
Life has fewer problems but a lot of happiness. We generally let our problems grow in such a proportion that makes us sad despite the share of the problems was negligible at the start.
You do not need to read any book to seek peace. Just be what you are at your heart. And then see the life gets awesome.
Always remember the way Sridevi led her life through all her movies. If you just follow your heart, you will find life easy. Learn to dodge tough questions. Outsource all your worries and play as the kid in you used to do a few years ago.
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