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27 Oct, 17 13:17
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Diwali shopping sans firecrackers was noticeable in Delhi NCR. Talking to others, people ridiculed the idea of banning crackers on Diwali but deep inside they knew that it was required to keep the life going. But this step was only the start and it could well be the end as normally happens. Unless this start is capitalized into a bigger action plan, the sacrifice by the residents of Delhi-NCR region will be lost into oblivion.
The government has already closed some highly polluting thermal powers and has taken a few steps to curb the pollution. But of course much more and impactful steps are needed.
In India, people are accustomed to following leaders. Speeches by leaders are powerful enough to drive a crowd. And an action from a leader also inspires others. This way a leader can actually lead with an example. If a member of parliament starts taking a bus to office or place or a member of legislative assembly takes a bus to visit their constituency can pave the way for the rest. Planting a tree can be another great way to add to one's routine of the day. A leader or the head of any office can plant a sapling regularly and then ensure that it becomes a tree.
The government has also increased the parking fee for some places but then one needs to understand that a big chunk of cars are parked at illegal places where people do not pay any fees at all. First parking at any spot needs to be regularized and a strong eye on movement needs to be kept. Then, we need a strong mechanism where parking officials do not let people park without any formal receipt.
A general perception spread by the media is that people do not cooperate. But then what options people have is a big question. To keep the city clean, they do not find dustbins at places. Similarly, there are fewer options to keep the city pollution free. The public transport system is there in place but what about the last mile connectivity? People would love to use metro instead of a smoke emitting diesel car but they do not find a way to reach the nearest metro station. Some think of using their car till the metro station but once they start by car, they hardly think of metro.
Missing parking discipline, last mile connectivity, and apathy of leaders towards public transport are some totally missed and huge gaps that fail all the bigger measures like the ban of firecrackers or rationing of cars based on their registration numbers.
Be it corruption or pollution, the problems need an end-to-end and comprehensive solution. Just plans that appear good on paper might earn a lot of appreciation but they fail miserably in the absence of small but connecting pinions.
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