The Vaishno Devi of Udaipur

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27 Oct, 17 12:44
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Due to its location above 850 meters from ground, the Neemach Mata temple of Udaipur is also known as Vaishno Devi of Udaipur. Situated atop a beautiful hill, the Neemach Mata temple is at the bank of famous Fateh Sagar Lake of Udaipur. In order to reach the hill, you can take either steps or simply the hilly terrain. The surroundings of both the ways is beautiful and is properly maintained by the Udaipur City Administration.
Neemach Mata Temple Udaipur
The turns of the route to the temple are awesome and there are sitting benches and drining water for you if you need it. The one general advice that everyone would have for you is not to take rest until you reach. If you stop at a spot, you might find it even difficult to move. This advice is not for senior citizens or for people having and issues with their back or feet.
As you reach the temple, you come in a new world altogether. Series of scenic Aravali range, a bird eye view of Fateh Sagar Lake, and Udaipur's holistic view leave you mesmerized. After the Darshan of Neemach Mata, you can rest at the backyard of temple where there is ample space for visitors. The air of course becomes breeze and pure at that height and you feel awesome. The all fatigue that you accumulated over the 850 odd meters vanishes in a moment as you take a glimpse of Mata and then a rendezvous with the Aravali's beauty gives you amazing peace that is so elusive these days.
Although this temple remains crowded throughout the year, in Navratri, it becomes a fair place as people from distant places flock to the temple. The entire route is well lighted and very safe. There are people who use the 850 meter heighted hill to do a morning walk. If you visit Udaipur anytime, ensure you do not miss out a Darshan of Neemach Mata.
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