The broken connection

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16 Sep, 17 07:42
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How much time do you spend with your kid on a weekly basis? You will nod in an affirmative answer, for sure. Now again repeat the question to yourself and dig that absolutely true answer. You will struggle. You will instantly come up with strong and unavoidable reasons like working for kids, making money, securing their future. Agree. But are you sure you are now paying more for that trade? Again, you need to introspect.

These silly games like Blue Whale, porn sites, and other betting emanate from a home made soil call apathy. And that apathy is from a father or a mother. No matter how loving the grandparents are. Neither does matter the opulence you have bestowed on your child. All they need is your attention. Your attention to every single matter of their life. And if you say that you have mastered the art of the quality time, you may be wrong again. Kids do not differentiate between qualitative and quantitative time. They do understand if their parents spend less time with them or more.

Picture this- Your daughter comes running to you to show her new painting. You are busy with office presentation. You just look at her and promise that you will see that later. This is disastrous. Instead, just take a minute break and admire the work. She got your attention. She also realized that your priority was her and not the work. She will soon run back to her room for more work and you will be free for your presentation again.

A positive approach towards kids with ample time is what they need to grow up with confidence. They do not come to you to ask for chocolates or ice cream every time, they want an assurance that whenever they need, their parents will be there. And you have to prove them right.
Spending time with them is a very important but sadly, very ignored part of raising children. Inanimate things give them pleasure but that is momentary. Nothing matches your hug or kiss on her cheek.

If there is a situation where you cannot spend much time with them, find small chunks. While a file is downloading, go and give your daughter a surprise hug. When you are having dinner, share food with her. When driving with family, talk to her instead of listening to the music. You need to be innovative and creative.

Remember, your money is their need but their desire is your affection and love that needs a gentle touch, weird facial expression, and doing stupid things with them.
When they will grow up, they will not remember any toy you bought having sacrificed lot of money. They will remember the games you used to play together. The songs you sang with her. Create memories for future. Be in touch with your kids. Make sure they remain happy mentally and emotionally.

You do not need to be an expert. All you need is a sense to spend time together. If you are working and your spouse takes care of kids, it’s their duty to take care of the kid. But that does not complete the child. Complete the circle. Join the dots. And stay connected.

If you are able to do this, you will never have to worry about your child being alone, frustrated, or ignored. They will also stay away from any games like Blue Whale.
Happy Parenting
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