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28 Aug, 17 12:41
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Honorable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi is synonymous to the hope of new India. Whenever he speaks or visits a place, people look at him with a lot of expectations. This week, PM Modi will be visiting the city and people have their list ready. Now how many issues this visit of Mr. Modi gets resolved is yet to be seen but people looking at him with a lot of hope is positive sign indeed. Udaipur has been in news for many good reasons in the past. And if at least a few demands are accepted at the top level, this city can get a total makeover.
The biggest demand is a high court bench which is pending for decades. People from Udaipur and around have to visit Jodhpur for every small and big case. And as the system has been, it takes multiple hearings for a single case. This becomes all the more difficult for a poor tribal person.
Another important need is to save the ecosystem of Lakes. Most of the lakes in the city are suffering from encroachment. Reduced size of a waterbody is an open invitation to an extreme situation like drought or flood. Udaipur cannot survive without these lakes. There must be a comprehensive policy for all the water bodies of the city which should be conserved under administrative control. A strong punitive action must be taken against those who are pushing the entire ecosystem into peril for momentarily monetary benefits.
Udaipur’s rich history and natural beauty have been well explored by the world as the city is known as a great tourist place. But this city can also offer a complete package of locations to make an entire movie or shoot serials. For this, the city must have a studio where films can be processed. An entire industry can be set up here. The Bollywood has been using the locations of the city in many movies since time immemorial. Many movies have been shot totally in Udaipur while hundreds of others have got important sequences and songs done here.
If alone a studio gets set up here, tourism, employment, and business will grow manifold.
Apart from these big requirements, Udaipur also needs to have some ongoing projects expedited. The railway gauge conversion is one of the most important projects. The railway line conversion between Udaipur and Ahmedabad is awaited for many years now. Once this link gets hooked up, the business will be highly benefited. Udaipur is equidistant to Delhi and Mumbai. Thus it will become a central point for the business that happens in these metro cities. Of course, the city will have a market to offer. And given the potential of the city, it will prove to be a great business point.
Udaipur is one of the most talked about cities in Udaipur. Its location and natural beauty make it unique place to be or live in. The city just needs a little care and soon it can become one of the most important places of the country. It can be an epitome of heritage and modernity. Now all eyes are on the PM who will surely make this visit of his a memorable one for the citizens.
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