India is Awesome!

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16 Aug, 17 13:30
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The free India is now 70 years old. Given this period and considering the challenges and issues, we have done great indeed. In these seven decades, we progressed enough to be able to rub shoulders with the countries that got freedom centuries ago. We're being considered a strong economy and we present a great market to the world. There is no business player that does not want to be in India. From safety pins to planes, we have the capability to produce, manufacture, and create anything.
We are a super power indeed by all means. From heartwarming love for the world to nuclear power, we have the solution for everyone in the world.
Amid all the progress, we have been able to conserve the soul of the country.
Our inheritance from the ages of Ramayana and Mahabharata is still with us and is very strong. The fabric of Indianness is still unspoiled and we own that truly. The beauty of life lies in the phrase of 'live and let live' and we swear by it.
Doctrines that our ancestors wrote and taught us have always been strong and relatable. Our faith in the laws of Karma are strong and that is why despite being surrounded by many enemies, we have galloped into the new millennium with great conviction of brotherhood.
India though believes in nonviolence, is totally capable of dealing with the foes effectively. And the world knows it well.
Today, there is no country that can attack India. Our defense has been made rock solid in these seven decades. We are so capable that most of the internal attacks are foiled much before they take shape. Our intelligence system and forces are second to none.
Today, we run many such industries that cater to various needs of the world. Many industries are being fueled by the talent from India. From world's top notch space agency to computer software firms, Indians are everywhere. And they are not just workers there, nope, they are masterminds of the programs.
They create great architectures, they write efficient code, they treat most difficult diseases, they run some fast cars, and they are also there in the space.
Yet, Indians are Indians. They are good at heart. They know how to love. They cannot be beaten as they know how to rise higher after every debacle. Indians have the strength and courage to forgive, which needs ample inner strength and external power.
Even after being a super power of talent, power, economy, education, medical, and what not, Indian are humble. They know the art of living and they live each moment. They love their parents and strive for love in the family. They know how to run a house in all cases. Even the monsters of economic disasters cannot hurt this country, as they know how to save money for future.
No other country in the world is as diversified as India is. A home for many cultures and traditions, the India is an epitome of the concept of world brotherhood. India is awesome and India is a true world leader. The country teaches the world the way to live with other, grow together, and create a heaven on the Earth.
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