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25 Jul, 17 13:39
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A number of steps are being taken to make Udaipur a better place for residents and tourists. This is not new. Every other month we hear or read about these steps that include resolution of problems and addition of new facilities. Still, when we see and compare the city with any well placed International city, we lag behind. Our first and final argument is that the governments of these countries are better than ours, this is not correct totally. If you know some friend who lives in a better-developed city in the world away from India, you can ask candidly and they will admit that it's just not the government, but it's the people who make the difference. A huge difference.
This is the same impression that tourists take back with them. When they see dirty walls and stinking corners, they know that the government did not come to create the mess, it’s the people. The need of the hour is a self-realization and a sense of ownership. We keep our car clean but do not care about the train we travel in. We keep the house clean but then throw the garbage out of the window without pondering that actually, we are making our own city filthy. Like your bedroom alone cannot be considered a complete house and we do not throw our garbage just into the other room, throwing the garbage out on road too is a similar case.
The entire matter is of mindset. When you are in Delhi and traveling in a metro, you cannot dump anything anywhere. You must carry your wrappers in your pocket and then bin it outside the metro station premises. The highly professional approach of both administration and people keep the metro clean anytime.
In the same city, you will also find people who will dump their waste right beside the bin. You will find many at the Fatehsagar paal where after having eaten corn, very few put the remains into the bin.If you see literally, a city is just a geographical area with confined boundaries. All the lakes, palaces, gardens, and places do not make a city what it is. The people who live in do. People form the identity of a place and then it's the people who get praised for keeping a place clean and beautiful and same people get censured for that filth and odor.
It's not just that you are required to go out and clean the walls every Sunday, all you need is to inculcate good practices in and around your house. If you start keeping your neighborhood clean, others will follow either due to competition or inspiration, both will serve our purpose.
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