Evolving Democracy

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17 Jul, 17 13:55
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In this connected world where media and social media are so close to people's sentiments, the idea of one sided rallies should be given a permanent break. A leader announces a rally, people do gather or are asked to gather and then the leader reads a script written by expert writers, doesn’t it sound useless? Yes, it does. Just to make promises and make fun of opposition parties and people, you do not need a rally, instead, you can easily write down all the things in a press release and all papers will be happy to give it space.
The real benefit of stage events can be realized when leaders come in public and debate on common topics. Their approaches to the same problem could give people a clarity. If you see a leader blaming the other or singing rhetorics can be easily ruled out. People can choose a person who has a blueprint of the future. This will only allow cool and capable candidates to participate and fight elections. We seriously need people who are good at work and what we have been choosing are the people who are a good orator. The skills to convince about your ideas can better come with real life ideas. Some one who says that I will eradicate poverty or will generate employment is not talking sense. But the person who tells what steps he will take to create jobs or who tells you plan to lift the level of people’s living standard is a good one.
There are no big elections coming up in near months so this is a good time to start the idea. We have enough time to create an environment of debate where candidates can also prepare their blueprints to showcase.Apart from these blueprints, which still can be designed by experts, the live debate can help people know the temperament level of candidates. Their capacity to deal with the instant pressure, uncomfortable questions, and replies to public’s queries can set the stage.Again, the people who sing rhetorics and demand votes because the other candidate is bad cannot be considered. Once this idea gets along and people get good people as their representatives, the plans to disallow the existing elected representatives from campaigning can be worked upon. Why should a sitting MLA or MP need to tell the public what they did in last five years? What they did gets visible easily. So, if you have to say that you did it, that means you failed to do so.People are changing and they need better ways to participate in democracy. They cannot be kept out of it. The government must be answerable and should have facts to counter allegations. As of now, an allegation meets allegation which does not serve the purpose of democracy.
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