Begun living yet?

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10 Jul, 17 11:48
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Well, that's a tricky question as in words or in conversations, you answer will be definitely yes. You will agree to that you live the life to fullest and enjoy it totally. Now comes the introspection time. Ask yourself whether you do what you like in your free time? Or do you make other people who are dependent on you happy by allowing them to do things of their choice?
The idea is to live today to the fullest and this is something you have been aware of for a long time. Now the two things that stop you from being a great entertainer and lovely caretaker. These are time and money.
So, both these, according to most of us should be there in abundance so that we can spend extravagantly. Well, you are correct partly but then if you know your limits, you need to figure out plans for fun in given time and money. Happiness does never seek money or time. A tasteless pizza in a swanky restaurant is also available roadside. And no matter where you had it, your stomach feels happy as soon as you feed it a dish that is tasty. It has nothing to do with the ambiance. Ambiance, in restaurants and hotels, is artificial and you go and get involved. While, roadside, you will find all natural as no one cares what you have put on or which car you came in.
It does not mean that the swanky places; option is bad. It simply means that you can enjoy anywhere. Money cannot buy happiness but it can still buy many things that can compensate or be input for the happiness.
But the amount of money you spend or can spend has nothing to do with happiness. It's all about being judicious and choosing the right option. You can always flock to the place which is lower than your standard. You obviously will feel better and more comfortable as you are richer there. This does not mean flaunting your status but it only is meant to let you feel a sense of better placement among others. This is just for your internal satisfaction.
The same logic is true with time and there too, like the money, placement is more important. If you believe that you are giving one hour at home to your kids daily, they might not take it as any special gesture from you. Instead, if you take them to the park for 15 minutes, it will have louder and more prominent impact on them. This is not just the case with kids, the same is applicable for your wife and parents too. A little planned time in a more impactful way will yield your family more satisfaction than the quantity of hours you spend on them.
And not to forget, you have an individual identity as well. You also need to take care of your own needs and happiness. If you like to read, download an e-reader on your smartphone and read whenever free. Even a single page at a time will let you finish a book in less than a month. At times, you can read more than one page and so on.
Living the life is no science. You do not need to attend any classes. Just be simple, realistic, and true to yourself. All you need is the ability to listen to the heart. That’s the place where all answers reside. Your ideas and answers may not be same as others or in agreement with the popular belief, but still, your answers are customized to your needs and life. Go ahead, live now.
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