Rain's round the corner!

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26 Jun, 17 11:47
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It's a great news that monsoon is predicted to be good this season. According to the meteorological department of India, July could have 96 percent of LPA while August to have 99 percent of LPA. LPA stands for Long Period Average. Now when we have already surpassed the mid of the June and monsoon is just a few days away, it's high time we check our preparations. Yes, you read it right. You as an individual or family must ensure a total preparedness for the monsoon.
First of all, a water harvesting system is the need of the hour. In case you have not done that yet, you can act now. A water harvesting system is a way to refuel the fast depleting water level in the underground. If the system is already in place, the need is to get it checked for proper functioning. Blockages in pipes is a common problem.
Cleaning of roofs and clearing all the water outlets is also very important. At times, you do not realize and water logging takes place at a corner of the roof which results into seepage and sometimes produces a shock on the walls.
Besides all the cleaning at the local and personal level, one more additional thing can be done, and in fact, should be done. You need to look around the water outlets and check if they are clean and have enough room for water to flow. This is something as a citizen, we don't worry about. People believe that it's administration's duty to clean up all the water outlets of the city, which is fairly and technically true. But, these outlets and water channels affect us. When there is water logging or road breaks into potholes, it's we, who suffer. So, if there is a blockage in an outlet near your house or office, just inform the administration.
And if there is a society or any kind of Residents Welfare Society, small tasks can be done on the local level too.
There needs to be a positive approach towards a healthy tomorrow. And that will not be achieved just by blaming the government or administration, the need is to own the country. Act as you do at home. The day your maid does not show up, you do not leave the house messy, rather you clean it up yourself.
Once you pick up the idea of being the owner of the country, you will start taking care of things around you, no matter where you are.
And of course, it's high time to make space for new plants and a total clean-up of your small or big garden. Also, stock up the gram flour and other spices for delicious Pakoras. Udaipur's rains are always beautiful and with a cleaner surroundings, we can and we will make it even prettier. Happy Monsoon.
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