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12 Jun, 17 13:38
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We’re in the mid of summer vacations and by now, kids have forgotten all their stress and would have lived the life to fullest. Now, you also recall that there are some homework assignments pending to be taken care of. It is also the time to see if they can learn something new or simply take a glimpse of what is forthcoming the next year.Based on the age of your ward, you would be the best judge to decide what exactly is good for them. As now, you are already aware that only studies will not only make your child a boring nerd or geek, they will also find it difficult to socialize with the world.
Today, in a decent society, knowledge of life and related things is very important. When you visit a friend for a party, they will be talking about new cars, or some geographical location, or just politics. In those conversations, your child must be able to participate factually. They should be knowing what a horsepower means in a car or how a certain plant is grown or the field, or simply what are some famous sports moments for the country, and so on.These all topics are covered in syllabus and classes, agree. But, as soon as a topic becomes a part of the syllabus and it has to be studied for the sake of grades, tests, or marks, it becomes burden more than knowledge. A burden is something that we want to get rid off as soon as possible. Now the question of the moment is that how can you go about it? And what could be the way out? Well, that is all your way. You need to figure out a plan based on available resources. From buying inexpensive books to using an internet medium, you can use anything to educate your child. The only condition is that the medium should be a fun and it should have an innovative approach.Take your child to the garden for example. Ask them to prepare the soil for a plant and then take them to the nursery to buy a plant of their choice. The child will own that plant as it would be their choice. Once back home, educate them the way to add fertilizers, planting methods, and tell them about the things that are not to be done. Now, have it planted from the hands of your child. Have them water it. This one plant will teach them about nature, empathy, care, responsibility, and ownership.
All these aforementioned qualities, if taught through a textbook, will never go down well with the child. And just one plant can make them a knowledgeable and responsible citizen. Now they will know how a plant is grown and how it is nurtured. Once a plant becomes a success, they will try and plant more themselves. Over the time, they will learn how a new plant can be grown. A seed, a broken branch, or any other crafting technique, this will empower the child in a constructive direction.
This was just an example, you can fix a music system with the child or just design a new pattern for the drawing room, there are ample ways and as mentioned earlier, your imagination and creativity can give the child an interesting learning experience. Learning for life, of course!
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