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07 Jun, 17 12:03
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Udaipur has finally got its own passport seva kendra which means that Udaipurites need not do rounds of Jodhpur and Jaipur anymore. Passport office had been a longtime demand and it was always pushed to the cold baggage. But now since the wish of the citizens has come true, many avenues of development have opened.
Recently in the inauguration ceremony of Passport Seva Laghu Kendra, Dhyaneshwar Dhule, the secretary of foreign ministry informed about the international flights to be started from Udaipur in next six months. First flight will be connecting the city to the Sharjah which is a big business point. Besides business, the city of lakes will also get more international visitors and thus the economy of the city will boost. Needless to say, the economy which is based on tourism needs more access to international currency and an international airport with world-class facilities and flights will surely be a boon.
A demand of Visa on Arrival has also been floated across from the city, which could be considered in the near future.
Due to such travel facilities, more tourist inflow is expected as tourists prefer planned journeys and love to go places in foreign countries which are easy to access. Udaipur’s limited air and rail connectivity has been a reason why a big chunk of tourists easily cut the name of the city from their list of places to see in India.
The internal beauty of the city and a glorious past are the reason why people get attracted to the city from world over but when they find limited connectivity options, very few go ahead with alternative routes via Delhi, Mumbai, or Jaipur.
Road network in Rajasthan is exceptionally well but this cannot be said for rail and air network as of now. The track conversion between Udaipur and Ahmedabad has been a blocker for the development of Udaipur in terms of business and tourism. If this route gets opened, the city will have 360-degree connectivity on the land and this will help people reach here easily. Udaipur falls at a midpoint between Mumbai and Delhi, thus many trains can touch Udaipur on the way and thus people will have an option to explore much more.
There is an enormous potential in the city to become a smart and popular city of the country but the apathy from government and a lack of political will has been the problem. This might sound little pessimistic but a very less has been done hitherto towards the development in terms of connectivity against what should have had been done.
But, as something is happening, let's cheer that and get along with the government for more implementations than announcements.
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