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29 May, 17 12:39
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It’s that time of the year when a student feels utmost pressure. The pressure is a constant, which keeps a student gripped whether they are topper, failure, or somewhere between these two. And this pressure comes from all corners of the world. Starting from parents, to neighbors, to relatives, to teachers, a student finds no other way to survive if they fail. Now failure here isn’t just about getting lesser marks than what is needed to be called pass, failure also means that whether they stood to the expectations of the people. These people often include parents who instead of making an environment of comfort for the already tensed ward. The tension leads to many more disastrous repercussions including a total psychological fear that the student is good for nothing. There has been an old saying that one should be inspired to attain top position but if they end up as runner up or even below that, it should be fine. Now topper in one sense is the first position while in real time and practical scenario is the level a student can achieve comfortably. So, for one student 90 percent is the top aim while for others 60 would be sufficed. Each student is different and marks cannot necessarily and generally be the criteria to judge the intelligence. If you ask interviewers who pick up best talent for important projects, they do not agree that only toppers are good. Most of the times an average scoring student does better than toppers.
So, themain menace would be the pressure and the tension inside the family of the student. And if you think a bit logically, there is little that can be done now. In fact the results were ascertained the moment exams were over. Now, it's the responsibility of parents to tackle the situation intelligently. First of all, the panic and tension needs to be curbed. Secondly, parents should show confidence in student’s abilities. Parents during the exams have already gauged the effort the student has put so they know well that even if now the results are not as expected, the students’ needs to be consoled and not scolded.Of course dreams of parents are associated with the child but they cannot let those dreams burden the shoulders of the child. Instead, the inspiration and motivation should be such that the student themselves can take a leaf out of this result and plan the next course of action. There is nothing called dead-end. So, there are always many more paths open to be walked.If parents support well and positively, the child will be inspired and get motivated to attain greater heights. And if the support is negative and burdensome, then the child will live in fear which will block many ways for their future.Parents must not compare the result of their child with others. Each student is different, as said before and no two people can be ever compared. In given situation and mental motivation, the child does the best they can. Take that further up positively and see how you can help your child in getting better from here.
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