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24 May, 17 10:26
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The Indian Premier League is just over and we have a new champion for the year 2017. What has been pretty exciting about the IPL is that most of the times Indian players and especially young ones made their presence felt. Since last ten long years, the extravagant and glamorous event has become an eyeball among sports' enthusiasts. The shorter format, quick results, a lot of entertainment in quick time, and a glamor quotient in form of cheer girls has made it an event worth waiting for.
But still, among all the pluses of the IPL, the talent show and opportunities to the youngsters has been the biggest benefit. Imagine there was a time when in the name of cricket, we knew only 15-16 players who could make it to the squad. The other and at times much-talented youngsters had to hang their boot without even being recognized. Parents never liked their kids to go for cricket as chances of being picked for the national team and getting an opportunity to showcase the talent were thinner than thin. And now, the talented players who do well at the local level can easily make it to the team of IPL and easily get a chance to perform. The final was full of excitement when just for one run pune lost final Playing with the national and International players, these youngsters learn a lot and become proficient and smart quickly.
The IPL is a short duration game that means people must perform quickly and not only survive the pressure but also excel from the competitors from opposition as well as own side. So, when a player fails to perform, the other sitting on the bench get an opportunity. Even when a set player loses their form, they make way for the people sitting on the bench. This means you are never far from an opportunity to be in playing eleven.
While everyone plays for money, the youngsters from India get an additional advantage of getting the limelight. They easily become eligible to be picked for other formats in which team from BCCI represents India.
Besides being a game of cricket which is a religion in India, the packaging and presentation of the game both at the stadium and at the television make it a glamorous event. With a touch of beautiful faces and colorful ambiance all around, each event is value for money. Of course, everyone who puts money into it is gaining huge profits, but the biggest advantage is of India that the unknown faces become stars overnight which makes the game of cricket more accessible and useful for common man.
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