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09 May, 17 13:39
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We are in the middle of the Summer and the heat is at peak. Of course, the day-hours have become difficult to bear with. But the good part is that both ends of the day remain pleasant and cool. People do avoid roaming out under the Sun but they can enjoy the mornings and evenings. This is something that most of the other North Indian cities are not blessed with. Udaipur is the beneficiary of its location of undulating Aravali Hills which are green, covered, and undisturbed. The ecosystem of the city is such that it is cool by nature. The heat even in the day is bearable and won't pinch you. You may be sweating but not feeling any itching which denotes that a city is still a non-polluted place.
But, the future may not be the same. The way vehicles are increasing every passing day, not only congestion is going up but pollution is also reaching at an alarming stage. But, today still is a situation where we can bring it back to normal. The surroundings are still green which needs to be preserved but the need is to plant more saplings. And apart from that, the more important requirement is to save these plants. Most of the times we see people planting, getting pictures clicked, and the story gets over. Soon such plants either die starving or fall prey to street animals. An idea can be floated across residents of each of the colonies that each family must take responsibility of a plant and be its guardian at least, until it becomes an independent tree. People generally do not allow cutting or chopping of trees that they plant.
On the same ground, the Lakes must be kept safe from sewage contamination. A great improvement has been observed in public behavior in the dumping of wrappers into Lakes. But more such awareness ideas must be floated to educate people. The idea should not be to tell people to keep a city clean because the administration wants so. Rather, a sense of ownership should be infused and people should be taken into confidence that the city is their own. A clean city would be like living in a clean house.
The divide between administration and the common public must be removed so that people can feel connected. Then, for any effort by the government would be supported by people. The campaign 'Action Udaipur' has been a big hit and similar ideas are needed where public participation is increased.
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