A Constant called Change !

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01 May, 17 13:39
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The beauty of life is that it is constantly changing. We only realize those changes when the change is at the end. When one phase is complete and life enters into the next subsequent one, we see changes. These changes either are forced upon us or we are given a feeling that we made the change happen. For example, getting married is the change that we believe happened because of us while falling ill or a sudden change in life like change of city or loss of someone is a change we put on nature.
Each change is inevitable and is meant to keep the life going. We, as human are prone to protest against any change because with any given situation, we get habitual and slip into the comfort zone. And leaving a comfort zone is as painful as leaving the bed early morning. Whether we agree or not, each change is meant to keep the flow of the life going. Imagine if the night stops and does not change, you will never see the morning. Similarly, if the day does stop moving, you will not find time to sleep and relax. This is the best example to understand and brace changes. The fact of the matter is that each change is meant to advance the life towards the next step. The next step of course is the fruition of last steps as base is the need of any building. As they say in computer programming, in connected systems, the output of one system becomes the input for the next. So unless the step one ends, you cannot have next step. Life is connected with dots called moments.
Now the question arises, even if we accept the fact that the changes are bound to happen, isn't it difficult to cope with the change? And the answer would be a big Yes!
When your entire body is in a posture of relax on the bed for few hours, you may not want to change that to get up and get started for work in the morning. But, if you do not accept that change, you will only have to bear the pain. Because, ultimately you will have to wake up. Accepting the change early only helps you achieve a sense of peace at mind.We, on the Earth, as human, are not allowed to challenge the change. We must comply with the time, period. If you try and protest of waking up early, you will not be able to earn money you need to be able to sleep back the next night. This is eternal process of life that the changes are programmed already and you only have to comply with the procedure.Now, there are people who keep cribbing about the change and there are others who accept the change and move on. The former ones live a sad life and do the things they are meant to. And the later ones live a happy life and do the thing they are meant to. So, the things to be done is common across the people. Only the courage to accept the life and work with changes with a happy and positive mindset is the difference between the two. I see sad faces of people on Monday as they crib the work which is lined up for next 5 days. Such people only become happy on Friday evening. Then there are people who stay sad even on Friday evening as the fear of losing the weekend quickly keeps them fearful.
Now, notice the people who appear happy all the five days. Such people carry happy moments for the week from the last weekend. And as the halfway mark of the week is achieved, they start being happy in the wait of forthcoming weekend. All the above people, anyways, have to work throughout the week. Now, see how happiness prevails and so is the sadness.Accept the change and the time is bound to change. Look at your watch. Be happy and live the moment.
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