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26 Apr, 17 13:18
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A new session of school used to be a euphoric one for parents and kids a decade ago. Now, a wave of tension prevails as parents stay worried about the more expenses and children understand their pain well. Many parents give up against the surged fees and other expenses and get their ward admitted to other school. While many others cut their expenses in other needs and try and maintain the same school for their kids. Problem is that the fees surge is a regular issue. This is official way to burn a hole in the pockets of parents once a year. Apart from that there are weekly programs that are meant for overall development of the child, which apparently fall as burden on parents only.
This entire changed scenario may have made the education more interactive and easy for the kids but the cost if too high indeed. Schools generally cite the raising expenses and salary of staff but that too fail to appease and satisfy parents.
Parents feel a huge pressure on social as well as economical front. Socially because they do not want to be marked as parents who could not give quality education to kids. And that takes them to a situation where they must cut other expenses or put brakes on holidays and break their savings. The education, like water and electricity and health are state's duty. And that's why these should be available with all the quality in public places like government hospitals and schools.
Corruption once again is the reason why this is not the case. Government doctors and teachers are highly paid. They are better paid than their private counterparts. Ironically they are not accountable. The kind of hard work private teachers are made to do is impeccable and this is why these schools accel easily ahead of government ones.
A will is all what's needed from government's side and everything can be changed. A strong action from government can change the fate of these government schools easily. This is something that never happened in last six decades and doesn't seem likely in near future too.
Since there is a deep and hard to bridge gap between the levels of private and government schools, parent wish to buy quality education from private schools. And of course the cost is too high which is ever increasing.
One thing has been crystal clear that no private schools or hospitals are opened for any novel cause. These are money making institutions in the name of education and health. In such a scenario, government must step up and first make their government schools at par with private ones. And there is a strong need to control the private ones, at least on the fees part.
Unless education is available easily to everyone, a dream of powerful India would remain a distant one.
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