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10 Apr, 17 13:11
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Surviving and living are two separate things we know. We also know that the best way to live life is to stop worrying about anything and enjoying things that are there for us. But we hardly find a way to feel good about what we have. Our strategy keeps changing with each achievement and we strive for more, which is good for life’s progress but that progress comes at a cost.
The cost is the main reason why we work hard and sacrifice everything--the cost is life itself. I know some people who never used their money to enjoy but they always saved it. I believed that at some point in time, they will use all that money to lead a great life. But today, I see even their children doing the same and the money is being piled up in their lockers. So, what is the use of the money except for a fake satisfaction of being a billionaire? You live an ordinary life, drive a basic car, avoid restaurants, and do not believe in foreign trips. But yes you have some papers in your bank locker that worth some real estate, you have a lot of jewelry that you do not wear even occasionally, and you also have some fixed deposits. All this make you a billionaire for sure. And your prudent belief of keeping them for bad times is a great thought indeed.
But, don’t you think for a fake satisfaction and waiting for an economic crunch or perhaps for a hefty and costly treatment of a disease, you are demeaning your present. You are already in a state of distress. When you see friends buying expensive cars, you call them prodigal and move on. When you really compare your life with theirs, you have money that you cannot use and others are using that money already for today.
All you need to live today is to learn to strike a fine balance between your life and future. You can buy a medical policy and be free from any sudden need of a medical emergency. You can buy some investment policies that will multiply your money to the extent your future needs will be fulfilled. Depositing money into the bank or piling up gold stocks or real estate properties is always risky. The recent drive of demonetization left many with no real answer to cash. Those whose cash turned into waste paper must have realized that the same money they stocked by killing desires of family and self, just ended up into the trash.
At any moment, life needs to be dealt carefully. You have to take care of present and plan properly for the future. Any imbalance causes difficulties. All fun and no savings leave your future in peril while all saving and no living makes your life hell the same day.
There are plenty of schemes being run by reliable sources and companies that allow you features like EMI, Flexi loans, Investment plans, SIP, and lot more. Again, you do not need to copy others or listen to your agent in all the schemes. If you have taken a SIP and your friend is investing in real estate, it's okay to be yourself.
You are responsible for your finances and situation. Take the best call and ensure you keep living beside surviving.
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