Why MCD elections are that important?

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05 Apr, 17 12:27
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Municipal Corporation of Delhi is yet another popular civic body in India. And is all set to pick up a fresh set of faces for the new five-year tenure starting this year. So what’s new this time? There have been polls since its inception. The answer is the stake of multiple political parties. All the parties namely Bhartiya Janata Party, Congress, and Aam Aadmi Party are working hard to form the administration in the MCD for various special and very significant reasons.
BJP, of course is on a winning spree and it won’t be exaggerated f they are termed as invincible this point of time. Their latest and biggest victory after general elections of 2014 was in Uttar Pradesh where they defeated everyone who came in their way. Led by master strategist Amit Shah, the party is on top. They would like to win MCD as well but here they will be facing anti-incumbency and the prevalent corruption. To combat the roadblocks of anti-incumbency and corruption, the national party may plan to field fresh faces. But still, people will judge the party based on work they have done in these ten years.
Aam Aadmi PArty though is not facing the issues of anti-incumbency or corruption but they have been in state power since last two years. Most of the people in Delhi find it hard to understand which development work comes under MCD and which of their facility is onus of state government. At ground level they have done well so far in some areas like water, electricity, education, and health but still they are far from fulfilling their most of the promises like cameras and free wi-fi. Also their latest defeat in Punjab assembly polls and a total fiasco in Goa have really put their ratings down as a party that can handle multiple governments. But still in Delhi, their base is strong and people who decide the fate of corporations are too busy to analyze a party’s national performance and vote share arithmetics. All they will see if the ruling party has done well or not in the areas in their control. This will be the only parameter for their evaluation.
Congress which ruled the state from assembly for three consecutive terms until 2013, will only have fresh promises to make to win the MCD elections. Their recent debacle in UP while has been a great setback, their unprecedented Punjab win has a proved to be nothing less than a panacea for the national party. Their only hope would be anti-incumbency from BJP and AAP are different levels.
Since anything that happens in Delhi becomes a breaking news across the country, each of these parties will try and prove their power and popularity here. But, as far as people are concerned, they do not care for a particular party anymore. Both BJP and AAP have their share of responsibility from center and state’s perspective. These parties will surely be measured on their achievements hitherto. While, congress will much depend on the bad show of these two. Even after their win in Punjab, the top leadership is yet to come into picture. The congress needs a miraculous win to survive while the other two will have more chances in the future to improve their ratings.
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