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27 Mar, 17 13:12
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Social media has become a prime source of knowledge sharing. People care about each other and share the best practices for life. Most of these ask us to be more sensitive while others alert us for a possible hazard. Most of the times we play a pass-on-game in which we simply stay on edge to share the received message.
At times, we miss out the intent of the received message which, if read, could have made our life simpler. One such message that must be doing rounds of your pages or groups would be of caring for thirsty creatures.
And that needs due attention. This is that of the year when birds and animals literally die of thirst and hunger. While feeding them may not be thing of everyone’s capacity as it needs a lot of dedication and discipline, still giving them water could be a simpler task.
This is true not because we are not able to spare some food for these innocent creatures, but once we start keeping food for them, they expect it regularly. And when we fail to do so, they suffer. But it's not true for keeping a water pot outside the house or in the corner of your balcony.
Water, unlike food can last longer and stay fresh for long time. Though the pot too needs a regular care and cleaning but that frequency could be as long as a week. And cleaning the pot just with clean water won’t take too many minutes of your Sunday.
Many people feel that it's not their job to quench the thirst of these animals. It should have been done by the government or ultimately by the God. Well, this argument and statement is totally rubbish. We must realize that we have ruined their natural habitat to construct our houses and roads.
Years ago, it was their natural home where we live today. And the road that takes us to the other part of the city had a small natural reservoir where these creatures could have drink water. Whether we like to be kind or just repay to the nature, it's our duty to make the water available to them.
Giving back to nature is not a gesture of benevolence anymore, it's mandatory to keep the ecosystem in balance so that we can enjoy the free resources like water, air, and sunlight for years to come. Each element of the nature, be it animated or inanimate, is required to keep things in order.
Any disorder would certainly lead to disaster. So, another strong reason to ensure these birds and animals live healthy and longer is to keep things in order which is the base of the life cycle.
So whichever reason moves you, please keep a water pot for those guests of your house.
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