The clueless opposition

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21 Mar, 17 12:40
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Once upon a time there used to be Congress all over the country which was unstoppable and invincible. Now the same stands true for BJP. Generations have changed and people have decided to give full authority to BJP to change the world for them. Now the opposition led by marginalized Congress party has two options. One, they wait for BJP to make mistakes and earn anti-incumbency over the years. T
wo, start from ground zero and begin with regional levels. The option one is a bit lengthy and risky. The risk is that by the time there will be enough anti-incumbency against BJP, most of the regional or smaller opposition party would have become history. BSP for example is all set for extinction unless Mayawati comes out with some spectacular and miraculous performance in 2019, which looks quite improbable. The second option is not only tried and tested, but it also will keep the opposition in main frame.
The victory of Congress in Punjab has been credited to the popularity of Captain Amrinder Singh and not national leadership. Similarly defeat of Arvind Kejriwal denotes that he is as of now limited to Delhi territory and has not been accepted nationally.
Samajwadi Party again will have to find the ground back in Uttar Pradesh and Mayawati will need to introspect if only by fielding candidates from a specific community can help her at all.
All these mavericks of opposition will first need to work on their home ground. The national parties like Congress and now AAP will have to focus on local things rather than targeting Narendra Modi for anything that comes across.
The general perception of attacking on opposition on anything is now going out of fad. The alert people of the country evaluate things and actions on their merit rather than going by what a popular leader is saying. As the party goes national, they start focusing on country as a whole and lose links with the grass root level.
BJP also today is highly dependent of national icon Shri Narendra Modi. Local elections are also being fought in the name of PM which is fruitful currently but going forward they will need strong leadership at local level as well.
While BJP does not need to worry on their local leaders right now but Congress on the other hand has only this way to get up and get going. Taking a clue from Punjab, they should now empower local leadership and focus on local things like structure and problems of people.
BJP though is enjoying a victory wave of PM but they will need to face the public with achievements soon. Till these elections people only saw them speaking against the opposition but they did count very few achievements. People have voted to them not because they have proved something but because congress and other parties failed people miserably.
People turned towards BJP with great hope and trust that they will not only save the exchequer's money from being looted through corruption but also will develop the country in better ways.This is why this is the time for all political parties to start focusing on work instead of getting into dirty blame game politics. People are smart and aware so no party can take them for granted.
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