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07 Mar, 17 12:33
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Wake up early morning and reach office in time, check emails and get immersed into work, finish that to-do list and leave for home, take a paycheck and then update your resume to add that new project. Most of us unfortunately are happy with this kind of life. A handsome salary, nice family, and regular appraisals. But if you devote sometime and think what exactly are you making of yourself, you might surprise yourself - may be you are earning nothing!
Work will vanish into forgone projects, experience will turn stale as new technologies will come in, and money will all be lost into the huge market we have.
When you think of yourself, you might realize that you are nothing but a part of huge crowd that does the same thing again and again. Raise your buried head from your cubicle and notice that many people are better than you, then you are better than many of them as well. Few are more popular and respected than others. Even you are one of the respected people. People know you for that skill with which you are still sitting on that revolving chair.
Now look at the exit door of your office and question yourself - How many people know me for what I know, out of this office?
People outside of the office are only those who are related to you by family, friendship, or business. Does an unknown person ever would know you without having met you.
Your obvious reply would be NO,and reasons you have to satisfy yourself would be like - I do not have any special talent or I simply am too busy to try out that passion of mine to become popular.
Well, I disagree.
I believe that you can still be popular and be appreciated by many people who are not connected with you by any means. And overall, you can have something to show to your grandchildren down the line 20 years from now apart from house or a bank balance.
Think about blogging!
Yes, you can blog what you know. Create a free blog on any free blog service provider website and write what you know.
You do not need to be a writer or expert in English; all you need to know is what you know.
Simply pick a topic of your interest and start writing about it. You do not need to devote special hours, simply open that new post page on your system and keep jotting points of topic that you would like to write on.
And then whenever you get time, elaborate on one point at a time. This will not only keep you refreshed but will also help you get charged up every time you feel tired or bored.
Normally you would turn to Facebook or Twitter to rejuvenate your senses, this time try a blog.
As you keep writing, your content gets automatically saved on server - that means your work is always safe. If some idiot friend of yours jumps up and pulls you for a tea break, you can simply close that browser window and you will have your work saved till last letter.
When completed, simply copy entire text and put it into a Word file so that you can get rid of typos. Read couple of times before posting it back to the blog.
Now, now simply post it and share the URL on your LinkedIn or Facebook profile pages. In the list of people who would appreciate your work, there will be many who would realize your knowledge and would like to hear more from you - a reason to write back and again.
A regular posting to the blogger would give you an identity and you will earn more followers. You never know someday your name could appear in the top list of Google search engine when you try your name.
I am the one whose name appears in all top listing in Google and Bing when searched by name - Prashant V Shrivastava.
You have the inspiration now, go,get started now!
All the best!
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