The Youth of UP

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02 Mar, 17 12:00
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A plenty of factors played instrumental roles in the 2014 General Elections in India. But the one that was actually got the BJP led NDA into power was the faith of youth. The youngsters were given fresh dreams. The new age politicians had a new kind of vim that brought a wave of freshness and commitment. The new age politicians like Narendra Modi and Arvind Kejriwal promised new ideas and also presented a blueprint of their plans. This is what the youth always wanted. Not all go and shout slogans in favour of patriotism but each and every individual in India is patriotic and all what they wanted was a good use of power and money. They wanted change in a positive manner. Now what exactly the youth achieved hitherto from these new crop of energetic politicians is still remains to be seen. But the power of youth is clear and decisive. They are only in favor of development and they want nothing less than that. The ongoing UP Elections also will have a greater impact of youth. As per records, half of the UP electorate is under the age of 35 which is a sign that youth will have a say in these elections too. In fact their inclination towards any side could put them into the CMO in Lucknow.
Rallies are on in full swing these days and we see a sea of people appearing to have a glimpse of their leaders. They gather to hear new promises from opposition and new aspirants while they want to know about the development status and progress bar of promises made by the ruling representatives. We all know, we hardly hear that. A season of blame game is on everyone's counting mistakes and failures of others. This of course leaves the youth disappointed. They are not interested in how filthy or corrupt the other leader is. Rather they want to know what the party has to offer in terms of promises. And the actions doesn’t just stop here. The youth would like to analyze the potential of the promises being made by any candidate. A youngster of today is well aware that it is not rocket science to realize that a promise of international airport is unlikely to happen in a village which is still waiting for first bulb to lit by electricity.
If any of these parties is ignoring this fact, they are ignoring voters. And these voters who cover more than 50 % of the electorate can make or mar any political set up. They can upset any politician formula based on any factor like caste or religion.
In the age of aware youth,UP elections will be interesting to follow.
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