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07 Feb, 17 13:20
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The UP elections are round the corner and all eyes are now glued up to this biggest arena of politics which sums up entire picture of Indian politics. From ruling with muscles to bowing before the voter, everything has a touch of drama here. Each of the parties involved know well that the elections in the heartland of the country directly reflect into the mirror of national politics. For BJP, this election is a challenge they chose themselves after the historical vote ban exercise of last year. Although the same thing can be said for Punjab and Goa as well but the situation there is much different than UP. Here in UP BJP is looking to uproot the SP government which also means a clear defeat to already contracted congress. Winning in UP also means that the message of note ban went well down to the last man of social ladder and thereby the party will be able to thump the chest and feel proud of what they did. Similarly if they fail here against, SP, the equation will not only prove that Akhilesh Yadav did greater development, it will also mean that the note ban backfired at BJP.
While BJP has its center's achievements to count, SP has what Akhilesh has done in last five years. Akhilesh's development model will have a local advantage and people will be able to relate to his claims. On the other side BJP's achievements will have to mate with the note ban chaos and poor implementations.
BSP still today is counting on vote bank politics and has very few things to say against SP government. But of course she will get a fair share of votes as her model of development will have a head on fight with that of Akhilesh.
Congress was no where in picture but their recent alliance with Samajwadi Party sounds like a master stroke. The low confidence of Akhilesh and dire need to get some decent number of seats of congress has got them together. They are doing rallies and counting failure of BJP in center--This is all what Congress has and this is all what Akhilesh could do besides advertising his development model.
While the lavish work of some great highways and metro projects, Akhilesh has shown the way he can transform the face of UP, the lower level issues that common man has and the ones that could not be catered by this SP government can be passed to BJP's note ban act.
As all the parties appear to be on same page, it is being feared that a hung assembly is what we could see. And that is exactly what people of the country including those from UP would not like to see.
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