The Republic at 67

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27 Jan, 17 13:25
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After celebrating 70 years of Independence on August 15, 2016, the nation has on its hand yet another landmark event. The Indian Republic completes 67 years today. In a way, it is a time for rejoicing that democracy has struck deep roots in the Indian psyche. This is not a small achievement if we look at the dictatorial tendencies in the neighbourhood. This country shines by contrast in ensuring to the people freedom, equality, justice, fair play and liberal values. True, there are wide gaps between what the Constitution guarantees and what we see in practice. This is natural in a complex developing country like ours which has of late been seeing a revolution of rising expectations.
It is difficult to say who has failed whom. Is it the Constitution which has failed the people? Or, the persons at the helm? A number of distortions have crept into the system because of non-governance or poor performance by the ruling elite. Politicians indulge in gimmicks and have tried to exploit the vast multitude of illiterate Indians to promote their vote banks. The biggest curse of this nation has been the vote bank politics freely indulged in by our self-seeking small-time leaders. This goes against the very spirit of the Constitution
We have often stressed the need for introspection and stocktaking. However, the moot point is: do our leaders have any desire for this serious exercise by breaking away from their crude politics of power and sharing the spoils system? A new set of rulers has come in place of the old lot. The country no longer suffers one- party rule of the Congress. It has been replaced by BJP lead NDA
we have to ensure both transparency and accountability at all levels of governance. Indeed, the time has come to revive the nation's hopes and this is possible only if we come out of the old rut and think on new bold lines to make India a super power which it richly deserves to be.
Enough is enough. It is time we stopped dividing the country in terms of community, caste, class and colour. F67 years of the Republic should set the Indian mind and thinking in tune with the revolution in cash less technology. What should we aim at is the creation of a better informed society.
Jai Hind
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