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17 Jan, 17 12:21
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2017 begins with a bang as much awaited elections in five Indian states have been declared. Parties had been in action since last one year ahead of these tests. You must have noticed much noise about achievements and blames. All the drama is there to retain or regain the power. Well, in some cases, these will be only gain as they have nothing to lose--you know who I am talking about.
Contestants and parties are once again going to ride on same vehicle which will have wheels of achievements, blames, and promises. And people are supposed to judge them with great balance looking at all the wheels carefully. You can consider that the vehicle is tri-wheeler. And anatomy goes well with the fact that most of the times one or more wheels of this tri wheeler go out of balance. Well, this has been the story since independence. Voters are new, politicians are from new generation, but the process is same. Is it fair?
Not really. It's time to change. And people have changed. Now no tricks of muscle, money, or propaganda work. People closely review the performance of parties for five year term and then take a call whether they deserve to be in power for yet another term or not. The best example of this changed trend is that you will notice most of the present state governments are busy in advertising their achievements in last five years. Those ads from UP government vouch for the fact. There was a time when even the sitting government had to rely on new and fresh promises as they used to have little to justify their five years.
Anyways, this new change is welcome in all ways. Development is now getting priority and other constituents of election are getting fade by each passing election. People realize that they actually need a better place to live, a better atmosphere to grow, and better system for easier life. And all that can be done if they start voting to those people who are development centric. At the same time, people throw out the people who fail to perform.
In this changed times, even the opinion polls fail to influence the mood of a voter. Everyone has their own opinion of their government and that cannot change overnight miraculously.
It's time for parties to come clean on their achievements and be ready to apologize for the promises they failed. New promises can be made only on the base of old fulfilled promises. And that's where development scores. If as a political party in government, you failed to deliver a particular promise, you can quote another development that was not your plan but you achieved for the welfare of people. People will give you another chance but when you have none to show, you are not going to get power again--this is what the public mood nowadays is.
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