Life's Like That

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17 Jan, 17 09:38
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It basically not just a book title or a title of a humor article, it has a clear message that life has a set pattern and one needs to understand, assimilate, and implement for self welfare. Life is meant to do good with others keeping yourself happy. These two terms sound alienated with each other are actually well interwoven. You cannot be unhappy and make others happy and conversely, you cannot be happy and leave others in paid. You must first learn to keep yourself happy and that's the start of changing the world or simply making life easier for others.
Keeping yourself happy is the part of a larger process that need eternal innovation. You need to fight with yourself every single step to keep yourself happy. Your happiness could be spending time with yourself, visiting friends over weekend, or simply listening to the Ghazals of your favorite singer or poet. Anything that makes you happy is a step away but the tangles of life do not allow you to be yourself. These are same desires you had planned in your childhood but have easily given up against the demands of society, family, or work. You know that you could find an hour of peace in your study room Saturday evening but then you are obliged to attend a social hang out with neighbours which you do not enjoy. You know that saying no to them would not go well with anyone. And you fear that they might not support you when you need them just because you ignored them over a silly reason. The silly reason could charge up your life instantly. The silly reason is a great boon for your own self. But, you are obliged to believe that you are supposed to be or must be present in that hangout.
Well, your fear is not baseless totally but then you can still steal one evening out of many for yourself. Do not plan or tell anyone that you have a rendezvous with self a particular evening. Just surprise them and update that you have something unfinished at home and you need to get it done. Use that time to do what makes you happy and more importantly content. This will inspire you to inspire others to follow heart and keep yourself happy. Your spouse will take inspiration and miss an episode at TV soap to try some new dance steps. Your kid will learn how to follow heart when he or she will see their parents being happy and doing something cherishable.
Life is difficult and has more unpredictable bad things in store than you might know. You cannot change anything. But still, you can live a moment in your hand with your own command.
A happy you will inspire a happy family. When you had that one hour of Ghazal listening session for example, you will feel refreshed for the rest of the week. This will pave way for another experiment next week. You might get your old bike serviced for a ride around the town or even take out your camera to create and capture more memories.
When you are satisfied with life, you inspire others to take up life lightly and enjoy thoroughly. You might get that social hangout dissolved over the time but you will have excited people scattered around corners of the city inspiring others too. Happy Living!
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