When your idea is rejected...

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19 Dec, 16 12:08
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There are instances when we feel that we are left alone with our idea. And worst is that we know that our idea is all correct. So, left isolated? Yes, that's the situation we keep confronting every now and then. There are people who even have all of their ideas going against to that of world - Now this is too much dude, get a break and think, may be you are not that right!
Anyways, if the case is that you at times feel isolated among your friends first of all double check your stand and if you still find yourself on right side and then stay affirm. You must ensure that your idea is not harming any of the entities associated. This might give you a tag of being rude but you must be true to yourself.
idea is backed on your experience and intelligence and above all, your heart has nodded for it, so you cannot be wrong.
But, later in case if things don't change and your idea proves to be a bad one, still stay confident and never stop being maverick. Those who believe in themselves can change the world. It's not necessary to pave a path differently to stand out but when it's needed, do that. Remember choosing correct path is the first step towards destination. And when no path is available, paving a new path is the first step. Your heart should be your first and last advisor. Always consult.
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