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05 Dec, 16 13:16
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Whenever someone enters into our life and adds colors and a zing to the present life style, our heart gets filled with elation, we complain why this person did not come earlier and at the same time we thank our luck for the wonderful gift. Now when the same person gets ready to depart from life, we feel cursed, broken, and lonely. This is nothing new, all natural. We again start complaining that if this person was destined to go, why he/she came and we are left we no answers except a blank in the mind. Read on to know the reason.
Well As per my experience and observation so far, everyone comes into your life for a reason and when that reason gets over, the person leaves you in no time. We remember the sudden changes that took place around us when the loving person departed but same sort of situation and scene was created around us when that special someone entered in. Following human behavior, we remember what bad has happened and we easily forget the good ones. For example, if you take lift from an office mate more than often and he too doesn't mind dropping you but one day the same helping person has some work in the other direction and politely expresses his inability to take you, you feel bad and remember it as a bad behavior. In a moment you forget all those countless days when he helped you with smile but one day, when he refused, all his past record was vanished.
Coming back to the main topic, nature knows well what is our need at the moment and who is the best to fulfill that and it creates the ambience in favor of that event and presents you with the ultimate remedy. And similarly, when the role of that person ends, you are left with all the experiences you had with him, be it bad, or good. When the person departs, just compare your life before that person had arrived with the present situation. You will easily get the reason, why that person was indispensable for you and now why you must bid a good bye to him.
The best way to live happy is positively accept the role of that special one in your life. Make use of experience you gained, even if it was not so good. One thing is worth noticing that nothing is final and permanent in nature, everything that comes has to go and the more we mourn, the more we hurt ourselves.
The moment that special person came into your life, someone somewhere was left alone with all the experience to carry over. So be thankful to nature for its intelligent adjustments and put your efforts in a positive and forward direction. Remember, you can always be chosen as that special someone in someone else's life. So always maintain a smile on your face and be prepared to be that special someone.
Please note that in order to maintain consistency, I did not use 'he/she' repeatedly. The article stands true for both.
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