World Cup, the fever grips in!

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16 Mar, 15 12:44
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World Cup, the fever grips in! The past few tournament that India participated in were not so impressive. The team failed and stars were biting dust. At that time, fans were worrisome that whether the team will be able to qualify to the next round at all? The doubts were not only about the form but also the ruckus that people could smell about captain MS Dhoni’s sudden walk out of test matches was only increasing the smoke of uncertainty. And then the first match was with the team we always fancy defeating at any cost. The series began and Indian cricket fans were only praying that India at least defeats Pakistan. As usual, social media was abuzz with wishes that Indians must win against Pakistan and then even if they lose the rest of the series, they will be forgiven. Now, something magical happened. India defeated Pakistan with a mammoth run difference and then the winning spree never
stopped. Not only Indian fans were Indian team critics are also amazed at sudden gear shift of a
team which was struggling in all departments few weeks ago. Now that India is top team in its pool and is all set to take on Bangladesh in the quarters, Indian fans are again hoping that the team will easily make it to the semifinal as Bangladesh is a good competitor but not too tough to be
defeated. All India needs to do now is play with full abilities and make sure they oust Bangladesh
and level the score of an earlier defeat that India had received in an earlier edition of World Cup
which actually ousted team Indiafrom the competition. The team Bangladesh as has reached the Quarters and has left power guns like England behind, is on top of confidence. They know their chances are not that high but from here they will play as if they are playing a final and are in a
must win situation. This is why, Dhoni and co will have to be extra cautious and play wit the strategy. India strategy of preserving wickets and then shifting gears all of sudden so far has been best bet. Players like Dhawan and Kohli can shift gears anytime to push the gas pedal on full and put the run rate from 4-5 to 6-7 in an over. Then the stalwarts like Raina and Dhoni can finish the score well above 300 or even 350 to make it almost invincible for the opposition. And now even if the team bats later, they had in-form bowlers like Shami and Yadav who are actually exhaling fire. But yes, an additional Bhuvnaeshwar Kumar can add much value to the bowling firepower. The advantage with Kumar is that he can also bat which means he can easily replace someone like Ravindra Jadeja who is not performing as expected. Well, the hopes are high and at least it can be safely assumed that India will make it to the Semis and who knows even to the Final. Hitherto,
they have played like true World Champions and hopefully the momentum will continue, amen.
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