Ready for Monsoon?

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18 Jul, 19 06:09
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Ready for Monsoon?

And the answer is yes, of course. In fact, everybody has been waiting for a long time for the first showers. The first shower is always special, and then after a few iterations, the city starts enveloping itself in a lush green blanket. Whether you see empty plots, unpaved sidewalks, or mountains, the colors get bright and vivid. And that makes you proud to be a citizen of the world’s most beautiful city.People generally keep precautions to stay clear of rains when they are outside, but the fun of returning all drenched home is unmatched. While in the office hours, getting wet in the shower could be a terrible idea, youcouldthinkofreturningwet.This funhasaddedadvantages. As you reach home, you get special treatment, and when you have changed, you are offered hot tea and even some pakoras, if you are lucky. In case if you commute by car, this may not be a way to get access to those exclusive perks back home as you would reach all dry and clean. In that case, you would need to wait for the weekend when you can stay prepared for the rain and then enjoy the showers with full preparations in the garden, or on the roof, or the street. Kids still do that as when they are back home from school; they jump out into the small stream that flows in the rains and play with nature. Playing outside and enjoying rain is still one of the best ways to entertain yourself and recall childhood memories. You can think of paper boats and a walk in the water that flows. Whilealltheabovefunseemsgenuinelyamazing, youneed to stay prepared well in advance. You need to ensure that your roof and garden are clean and ready to receive the rains. And when you are done, you also need to peek outside to see if any outlet is choked or has any stones or plastic bags in it. Cleaner surroundings will not only allow you to enjoy the rain with all hygienes in place, but it will also keep your area clear of any water blockages which could result in mixing of filthy water with the rainwater.Another essential part of monsoon preparedness is having common medicines handy at home. You never know who might need them and at what hours of the day. Some extra candles, a new bundle of matchboxes, and emergency light, etc. should be ready for any time. If you are prepared, you will enjoy the rains and will have fun. But on the other hand, if you struggle for an umbrella at the last moment, you will end up ruining a day of rain. And in today’s times, you never know how many times it will rain well. So, get started, clean up the places, stock the stuff, and yes, do not forget the gram floor for pakoras with sauces

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