Apart from the Pandya Rahul sorry incident

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02 Feb, 19 10:48
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Apart from the Pandya Rahul sorry incident Apart from the Pandya Rahul sorry incident, the Australian series for the Indian cricket team has been phenomenal and record breaking. The kind of character displayed by the team is what we all missed always. Not long ago, the team would rely heavily in a 2-3 players and their failure would translate onto team’s failure altogether. Now, that’s not the case anymore. Each player who comes down to bat believes that he can be a match winner, and, in many cases, this has been true.
The team’s confidence is too high, and performances are being given the due importance rather than reputation—it is the big changes. Another very powerful factor that has pushed team to perform like two-time world cup winners is the attitude of the captain. Most of the team members have player under Mahendra Singh Dhoni as well as Virat Kohli. The two captains have been excellent performers but differ totally in their body languages. Dhoni, was a cool customer, Kohli is just the opposite. But the results have been same. This is so because both do not compromise on quality and with that, keep the morale of the team on the higher side.
Both accept the defeat with all the due humility but take a lesson for the next match and talk to the team about the best ways to perform in a constructive manner. There never was a dearth of talent in the Indian cricket team. Not just one set of 11 players, but if you pull together all the talented players in India, you would come up with several top-notch teams. So, what Ganguly, Dhoni, and Kohli added was the firepower and a layer of confidence in the players. That is what has translated into victories.
Indian team as of now is all set to take the world cup 2019 challenge head on. Even the best teams in the world today fear about the formidable Indian line-up. The confidence of the players in consonance with their form is giving sleepless nights to many teams already.
But, this has happened in the past too. In the games of nerve, you need to do just the right thing. And Indian spectators and fans would be expecting positive games played with full potential from the Indian side.

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