Gearing up for general elections 2019

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02 Feb, 19 10:06
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Gearing up for general elections 2019 With elections taking place in different states at different years, you will hardly find a year where no elections were held or will happen. And then the year when the general elections are due, the year becomes a political one. News channels are busy in predicting favorites while political parties are aggressively active in censuring their prime opponents and taking pride in their achievements.
Talking about the general elections, once again we have it BJP versus Congress. After Congress’ revival in three Indian states (Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhatisgarh), the oldest political party has clear majority in five Indian states. This recent win once again has made the general elections of 2019 posed as BJP versus Congress. The Congress party was almost out of state politics before it won Punjab. From there, they formed the government in Karnataka and now these three states.
BJP, on the other hand is still a strong and single largest party, if you see it nationally. But the way they have lost three states from their hold is a worrisome matter for their leadership. The recent loss came at a time when they needed the victory the most. And these states will surely have an impact on parliamentary seats as well. But it will be sheer exaggeration to conclude that the BJP will lose in this pattern. If you see in Rajasthan and MP, they posed a great fight, which means that slightly positive waves towards them can win them decent number of Lok Sabha seats.
Now, since the elections are around the corner, people, especially youngsters want to listen to positive facts from both the parties. Rahul Gandhi on one hand is looking very confident and is giving the much-needed boost to his party, PM Modi is using all his experience and excellent orating prowess to win hearts.
The game of attack and defense will be there to see across the political arena for the next few weeks. In the age of information technology when every information is available at a click of mouse, voters too spend enough time in deciding the better option among the available ones. So, it’s the right time political parties and campaign planners go more positive about the facts they promote and talk about.
All the hate messages and negative stories only ruin the atmosphere. India is the largest democratic country where election is like a festival of democracy. And no festival is celebrated with negativity. Time to brood over. Time to talk positive. Time to debate but with all the courtesy and facts.
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