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02 Jan, 17 13:37
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As we gallop into 2017, we are not only moving to a new year but we are also moving from cash to cashless lifestyle. This unprecedented and unforeseen move has met mixed reactions from various walks of life. But, the ultimate fact is that a plenty of people who would have never moved to cashless system are already in that sphere now.
You may be of an opinion which either favors the move or opposes the same for your personal belief and reason but down the line, you would agree that more we get online, more we get rid of menace of corruption. Generally, for any service or facility where you are supposed to pay to a private or public agency, you have to come across one or more persons who represent the system. These people ideally should have been there to serve free of cost as they are paid for it. But then, you know well the some of these compel you to pay a bride and get things done. There are number of formalities which if you go by the procedure would find really hard to complete.
Such procedures have to be waived off by these people in charge and that's where you have to use cash or bribe as a catalyst.
Now, if the system becomes online and you have to pay by card, you will only pay the amount generated by the system which will be genuine fee for the service. No person can ask you to top up that amount with a bribe as they can neither take any cut from the system nor the system will accept anything more than the prescribed amount.
While the online system is good on your pocket, but it can equally be tedious as the system is programmed to comply rules and regulations. So, the cases where people could give you a safe passage by determining your application based on available facts, will not be there. If the rule is that you must provide ITR, you cannot get away with a Form 16.
To ensure, things get uncomplicated, government will have to get rid of all the unnecessary procedures. For example, one PAN card and Aadhar card should be suffice to ascertain the social status of a person and their economical viability.
The idea of crediting salary into accounts of employees in all sectors is a massive boost to the enforced honesty. You would agree to have heard that contractors ask labourers to sign on a particular amount as wages but the laborer is given much less than the amount they signed.
Sometimes, the contractors pay full money as per the agreement between them and laborer but still get the laborers sign more amount to save their taxes. This is honesty with laborer but a cheat with the country. Now, if the contractor has to pay wages online into the account of laborer, they will have to be as clear as it seems.
All these steps are good for economy as well as society. While everything will be on record, transparency will be there and chances of cheat, fraud, and scam will vanish but the transition period is really important. Government will have to ensure people do not get destabilized permanently.
Yes, the situation could have been better had the preparation been good and adequate but the fact is unless something comes as a mandate, we try and avoid change.
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